TIPRO Reports

TIPRO produces regular reports analyzing priority policy and economic issues facing independent oil and gas producers and royalty owners. We combine decades of industry experience with data and analysis to educate the general public, industry and elected officials on the unprecedented economic contributions of the E&P sector at the local, state and federal levels. Key areas of focus include: education of operations, workforce development, industry employment and wages, innovations and technological advancements and energy policies.

Please review our collection of reports for additional information on the Texas oil and gas industry:

- TIPRO Texas Oil and Natural Gas Industry Hiring and Workforce Trends Report: September – October 2020

- TIPRO's 2020 Midyear Energy Report

- TIPRO's 2020 "State of Energy" Report

- TIPRO's 'A Decade of the Permian Basin'

- TIPRO Texas County Energy Report

- TIPRO 2019 Midyear Energy Report

- TIPRO 2019 'End of Session State Legislative Report'

- TIPRO 2019 Permian Basin Report

- TIPRO 2019 “State of Energy" Report

- TIPRO 2018 "State of Energy" Report

- TIPRO 2017 Mid-Year Industry Employment Report

- TIPRO 2017 'End of Session State Legislative Report'

- TIPRO 'Overview of Oil & Gas Regulation in Texas' Booklet

- TIPRO 2016 Financial Assurances and Well Plugging Report

- TIPRO 2015 'End of Session State Legislative Report'

- TIPRO 2014 Mid-Year Employment Report

- TIPRO 2014 Employment Report

- TIPRO's 2014 "State-of-Energy" Report

- TIPRO Energy Report: Employment Trends for the U.S. Oil & Gas Industry

- TIPRO's 2013 "State-of-Energy" Report