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TIPRO membership is open to any individual seeking unparalleled legislative and regulatory resources, targeted networking, educational and marketing opportunities and industry news and intelligence. Learn more about TIPRO’s exclusive benefits by clicking here to view our resource guide and join today.

TIPRO knows you have a choice in selecting an association that best represents your needs. We offer a variety of membership categories. Each membership level has a required minimum fee, with a range for voluntary contributions above that level for members to support the organization at varying amounts, as they desire.

Levels and Benefits: 

Individual Level: Annual dues of $400 – $999

Whether you are new to the industry, a small business owner, or a recent college graduate, an individual membership is a great introduction to how TIPRO works for you and our industry. For a minimum investment of just $400, individual members receive benefits which include: legislative representation at state, federal and regulatory levels; a copy of TIPRO’s membership directory; exclusive meeting notices and announcements; annual subscriptions to The TIPRO Target bi-weekly newsletter, TIPRO’s Upstream Texas magazine; and the option to participate in affinity benefit programs.

Executive Level: Annual dues of $1,000 – $2,999

If you are an established professional, mid-sized company or a retiree, an executive membership demonstrates your support of the industry and will help ensure that Texas independents complete their next well and produce safe, secure energy for America. For a minimum investment of $1,000, you will receive all the benefits of an individual membership, plus: three or more memberships, depending on membership investment (contact TIPRO for details); unique legislative updates delivered via e-mail, and priority seating at TIPRO Conventions and events.

Explorer Level: Annual dues of $3,000 and above

If you are a larger independent, CEO or president, or are looking for a corporate membership, consider joining at the explorer level. Joining TIPRO’s elite is an excellent investment. You receive all the benefits of an individual and executive membership, plus: eight or more memberships depending on membership investment (contact TIPRO for details); V.I.P. seating at TIPRO Conventions and events; priority access to TIPRO’s professional staff; invitations to exclusive events with elected officials and event speakers; an annual subscription to the American Oil and Gas Reporter magazine; availability of TIPRO staff to speak at your company’s events; special recognition for you and your company at TIPRO events; enhanced designation in the TIPRO Membership Directory and greater corporate visibility.

Corporate Explorer Membership: Annual dues of $10,000+

If you are an operator that produces more than 1 million barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) in Texas per year, please consider joining at the corporate explorer level. You receive all of the benefits of an explorer membership, plus: twenty-eight or more memberships depending on the membership investment (contact TIPRO for details). Dues structure is as follows: 

20M+ BOE                        $40,000 – $60,000
10M -19.9M BOE               $30,000 – $39,999
5M – 9.9M BOE                 $20,000 – $29,999
1M – 4.9M BOE                 $10,000 – $19.999

Join online, email or call TIPRO at (512) 477-4452.

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