TIPRO News Releases

October 2018:

TIPRO statement on new NAFTA deal: 10/01/18

TIPRO Op-Ed: "Energy-Minded Elected Officials a Must for Texas": 10/16/18

September 2018:

TIPRO statement on new EPA proposal to improve oil & gas regulations: 09/11/18

TIPRO Op-Ed: "EPA proposes improvements to oil & natural gas air quality standards": 09/19/18

TIPRO Op-Ed: "American Energy Dominance Agenda contributes to record U.S. oil production": 09/24/18

August 2018:

TIPRO Op-Ed: "Texas oil & gas industry expands production as international trade concerns loom": 08/23/18

TIPRO statement on new trade agreement reached between the U.S. and Mexico: 08/27/18

TIPRO statement on President Trump's proclamation providing targeted relief on steel, aluminum quotes: 08/30/18

July 2018:

TIPRO: Rising Texas oil & gas employment and production threatened by steel and aluminum tariffs: 07/18/18

June 2018:

TIPRO commends Gov. Abbott for asking President Trump to reconsider steel and aluminum tariffs: 06/28/18

May 2018:

TIPRO statement on unwarranted petition to list Dunes Sagebrush Lizard under ESA:05/08/18

TIPRO Op-Ed: "Texas oil and gas industry poised for growth, challenges remain": 05/23/18

As extension deadline nears on steel and aluminum tariffs, TIPRO warns of consequences: 05/30/18

TIPRO disappointed with President Trump's decision to impose steel and aluminum tariffs: 05/31/18

April 2018:

TIPRO calls on President Trump to extend steel & aluminum tariff exceptions: 04/30/18

TIPRO releases 2018 "State of Energy" report: 04/30/18

March 2018:

TIPRO: Proposed U.S. steel, aluminum tariffs contradict President's energy dominance agenda: 3/01/18

October 2017:

TIPRO closes Nasdaq Stock Market: 10/30/17

May 2017:

TIPRO applauds Texas State Senate for passing House Bill 1818: 05/09/17

TIPRO praises Governor Greg Abbott for signing Railroad Commission Sunset legislation: 05/23/17

March 2017:

TIPRO applauds EPA's decision to withdraw Information Collection Request: 03/02/17

September 2016:

TIPRO testifies before legislative committee on impact of EPA regulations: 09/28/16

August 2016:

Haynes & Boone files Motion to Intervene in EPA lawsuit on behalf of TIPRO: 08/04/16

Texas Oilfield Relief Initiative unveiled by Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick: 08/09/16

TIPRO statement on new Earthworks study: 08/31/16

May 2016:

TIPRO statement on new EPA regulations for the oil and gas sector: 05/12/16

TIPRO statement on seismicity study: 05/18/16

February 2016:

TIPRO celebrates 70 years of oil & natural gas advocacy: 02/01/16

October 2015:

TIPRO joins Congressman Henry Cuellar for energy roundtable in Laredo: 10/02/15

U.S. House passes resolution to lift crude oil export ban: 10/09/15

September 2015:

TIPRO statement on Environment Texas hydraulic fracturing report: 09/08/15

May 2015:

House Bill 40 passes Texas Senate, heads to governor's desk: 05/04/15

Texas Governor signs oil and natural gas pre-emption bill into law: 05/18/15

Texas Legislature passes resolution in support of crude exports: 05/19/15

April 2015:

TIPRO applauds Texas House of Representatives for passing House Bill 40: 04/20/15

TIPRO endorses Texas House of Representatives tax relief plan: 04/27/15

Senate Natural Resources & Economic Development Committee passes House Bill 40: 04/30/15

March 2015:

TIPRO supports legislation that affirms state regulatory oversight of oil and natural gas development: 03/23/15

TIPRO applauds Senate Natural Resource & Economic Development Committee for passing Senate Bill 1165: 03/24/15

February 2015:

TIPRO supports new funding mesaure for transportation infrastructure investment: 02/04/15

TIPRO applauds Texas Governor for commitment to state transportation and infrastructure needs: 02/17/15

January 2015:

84th Texas Legislative Session begins: 01/13/15

November 2014:

U.S. oil and gas industry employment increases 3.4% in first half of 2014: 11/04/14

October 2014:

TIPRO releases second annual "State of Energy Report": 10/09/14

TIPRO announces winners of the 2014 Texas Top Producer awards: 10/29/14

September 2014:

TIPRO to close NASDAQ Stock Exchange: