Texas Legislature

As the Texas Legislature establishes new laws each legislative session to regulate industry operations, TIPRO works hard to preserve the ability to explore and produce oil and natural gas in the state of Texas. During the state's legislative session, TIPRO tracks policy changes on behalf of the association's membership, working with state leaders to ensure a stable legislative and regulatory environment that will continue to prove conducive to economic growth and favorable for energy development in the Lone Star State.

During the 2019 Legislative Session, top legislative priorities for TIPRO included:


Transportation infrastructure investment, road repair and maintenance has been a key priority for TIPRO for many years, particularly as certain regions of Texas have experienced an increase in local exploration and production activities. Quality infrastructure benefits local communities and ensures that product can get to market in the most efficient way, promoting a healthy and vibrant economy. TIPRO remains committed to working with state lawmakers, local government leaders and other stakeholders to identify solutions to improve road quality for state and county roads.

Workforce Development

As the state's oil and gas industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, ensuring that a qualified workforce is available to support that growth remains a key issue for TIPRO. With the right state policies in place, Texas can prepare the workforce of the future to ensure the continued success of the oil and gas industry.

Environmental Issues

Water conservation and air quality standards are two issues state lawmakers focused on during the 2019 Legislative Session. TIPRO continues to advocate for fair regulatory policies that will enhance environmental stewardship, without promoting administrative barriers that hinder economic growth through slower permitting or reduced E&P activities.

Renewed Production

During times of economic downturn, operators face the same tough decisions as any other business owner; occasionally that means halting production from certain wells. Texans know that every barrel counts, so TIPRO was proud to work with policymakers during the 2019 session to find commonsense solutions to bringinactive and orphaned wells back to production, and give them tools necessary to sustain that production regardless of the economic and regulatory climate.

Catch up on notable TIPRO accomplishments from the 86th Texas Legislative Session and learn about the outcome of legislative proposals relevant for the oil and gas industry by downloading TIPRO's '2019 End of Session State Legislative Report'  here.